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Friskies Salmon Cat Food - Sterilized Cats - 4kg


Your cats are true adventurers in search of exploration. This makes them captivating family members who bring a lot of energy into your home. But when cats are neutered, they can be prone to overweight and develop urinary problems. This is why the PURINA experts have developed the FRISKIES formula for sterilized cats specially developed to meet the specific needs of sterilized cats. For more than 45 years, FRISKIES has had the great responsibility of providing tasty and quality food to millions of cats. We ensure that all cats fed our delicious kibble receive a complete and balanced diet. FRISKIES recipes are made without added artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. So you can feed your cat delicious meals that he loves so much, and be proud of it. FRISKIES Sterilized Cats is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of sterilized cats: - Helps maintain an ideal weight thanks to a balanced protein/fat ratio - Helps maintain a healthy heart and good eyesight with taurine - Strengthens natural defenses thanks to vitamin E - 100% complete and balanced nutrition. FRISKIES Sterilized Cats gives your cat all the nutrition he needs to embark on his daily adventures: with the recipes he loves, you contribute to the good health of your four-legged adventurer.


Ingredients: COMPOSITION: Cereals, meat and animal by-products, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, fish and fish by-products (1.2%*, minerals, vegetables (0 .6%**, yeasts.*Equivalent to 3% rehydrated fish and fish by-products, with min. 4% salmon in square croquettes.**Equivalent to 4% rehydrated vegetables in round croquettes, i.e. 0 .1% dehydrated vegetables equivalent to 0.6% vegetables in the product.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a cool, dry place. preferably use before: / Batch and registration numbers: see back of the bag. , Store in a cool, dry place.

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