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Lipton Green Tea Orange Blossom - x20 - 30g


Delight your senses with a savory break, thanks to the freshness and natural ingredients in Lipton® Green Tea Orange Blossom & Mandarin. A unique and gourmet creation that combines the subtle taste of green tea with the floral and tangy notes of orange blossom and the sweet notes of mandarin. This green tea contains 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients have been carefully selected to bring an authentic taste and a fragrance that makes every sip a pleasure. Let the sunshine into your cup… Prepared with young tea leaves for a light and fruity taste, our green tea is simply delicious. Paired with orange blossom and mandarin, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy a tangy moment of relaxation. The Green Tea leaves in this box are harvested from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations and carefully selected to offer you high-quality tea. They are then carefully packed in Pyramid® sachets. The sachet, developed by Lipton®, allows all the ingredients to generously express their natural aromas, letting you enjoy all the pleasures of tea. For a perfect tasting, let your tea bag steep for 2 minutes in 200 ml of water at 90°C. Lipton® is committed to sustainable development with its Rainforest Alliance certification. All Lipton® tea comes from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations, ensuring the tea is more respectful of both growers and the environment. Lipton® is dedicated to supporting small farmers through its sustainable policy. Our Story: When Sir Thomas Lipton founded his company at the end of the 19th century, he bought his first tea plantation in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Over a hundred years later, Lipton owns thousands of acres of quality tea plantations in East Africa. Built on over a century of expertise in tea cultivation and blending, Lipton has preserved Sir Thomas' love of tea.


Ingredients: green tea1 86%, natural flavor, orange blossom 2%, mandarin peel 2%. 1Rainforest Alliance Certified

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Product storage information: Keep in a dry place and at room temperature.

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