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Tchaé green tea orient Lipton x20 - 35g


Discover our 20 Pyramid® bags of Lipton Tchaé Orient Green Tea, a delicately spiced tea for enjoying a moment to yourself. With this Tchaé Orient Green Tea, find the legendary Asian serenity and enjoy all the rich aromas of this tea, with its unique taste. The 100% natural origin ingredients of this green tea have been carefully selected to bring authentic taste and fragrance that make every sip a pleasure. The tea leaves in this box were hand-picked from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations and carefully selected to offer you high-quality tea. They were then meticulously packaged in plant-based bags. For optimal enjoyment, steep the green tea for 2 minutes in 200 ml of water at 90°C. Lipton® is committed to sustainable development in the tea industry with its Rainforest Alliance certification. All Lipton® tea comes from Rainforest Alliance certified plantations, for tea that is more respectful of both farmers and the environment. Lipton® is dedicated to supporting small farmers through its sustainable policy. Our story: When Sir Thomas Lipton founded his company at the end of the 19th century, he purchased his first tea plantation in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Over a hundred years later, Lipton owns thousands of hectares of quality tea estates in East Africa. Built on over a century of experience in tea cultivation and blending, Lipton has retained Sir Thomas's love for innovation and excellence. Lipton relies on solid values inspired by its founder: naturalness, optimism, and dynamism. In this spirit of inventiveness, research, and discovery, Lipton helps unveil the benefits of brewed tea, whether black tea or green tea. As a modern brand that deviates from traditional "tea-time" norms, Lipton has built its success on developing a unique "tasting experience."


Ingredients: green tea¹ (92.5%), natural flavor, anise (1.1%), cinnamon (1.1%), licorice (0.9%). ¹Rainforest Alliance Certified

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Storage information: Keep dry and at room temperature.

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