Signal Sensisoft Soft Toothbrush - x1


Signal Sensisoft soft toothbrushes are dedicated to gentle brushing and gum care. The range consists of 3 toothbrushes: Complete, Charcoal, and Sensitivity. Sensisoft toothbrushes feature bristles 17 times finer*, a flexible neck with 3 angles to facilitate access to back teeth, and a head designed for effective and precise brushing coverage. The assembly of colorful 0.01mm fine bristles and rounded tips on the Sensisoft Complete toothbrush allows for gentle and effective cleaning of teeth and gums. The Sensisoft Complete toothbrush eliminates 99% of dental plaque**. At Signal, we believe that your smile is an expression of your personality and self-confidence. Our mission: prevention and oral hygiene so that everyone can unleash the power of their smile. We are taking steps to limit the environmental impact of our products. The toothbrush is recyclable by participating in the TerraCycle® recycling program. Simply drop it off at the nearest collection point. Visit www.terracycle.com/signal. The packaging is made with 80% recycled plastic. As a reminder, Signal recommends brushing twice a day, using a new toothbrush every 3 months, and visiting the dentist twice a year. *Compared to a Signal Integral 8 soft toothbrush. **Laboratory test measuring the elimination of plaque bacteria.

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