Signal Integral Protection Medium Toothbrushes x4


The medium toothbrush Signal Protection Intégrale, available in a pack of 4, offers multiple cleaning actions: cavity protection, anti-plaque action, whitening care, interdental cleaning, fresh breath – all with extreme precision. These 6 functions are designed to provide comprehensive dental care. The toothbrush head features multi-angled bristles that clean between teeth, remove dental plaque, and help protect teeth from cavities. Their polishing action helps to gently polish the teeth and prevent the appearance of stains. The toothbrush's triple-angled neck is designed to reach hard-to-access areas to remove food debris and help fight dental plaque. Finally, its tongue cleaner is designed with grooves to clean the tongue and help protect against bad breath. Use this toothbrush with Signal Extra Fraîcheur Intense toothpaste for extra long-lasting fresh breath or with Signal Professionnel Sensibilité Blancheur toothpaste for complete protection against sensitivity. Signal recommends brushing after each meal or twice a day, using a new toothbrush every three months, and visiting the dentist twice a year. Over the next 25 years, Signal aims to promote good oral hygiene habits among 5 million people, notably by offering free dental check-ups and special school programs. After all, every smile counts. Additionally, Signal is committed to significantly reducing the use of new plastic materials in its packaging by 2025.

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