Innocent Tutti Frutti fruit juice 8 fruits - 900ml


At innocent, we like to travel. So, without telling you too much about our life, imagine that one year we went to Brazil, during the carnival in Rio. And all these colors, it made us want to organize our own carnival. It takes place in this bottle of tutti frutti. Hear all those fruits having fun together? There are exactly 9, plus the carrot.


Ingredients: 4 pressed oranges, 2 1/2 pressed apples, 32 white grapes, a little pressed pineapple, 1/3 mixed carrot, 1/5 pressed peach, a little mixed mango, a little pear squeezed, a hint of lemon, a little passion fruit

Conservation tips

Information on product storage: Store in a cool place between 0 and 8°.

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