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Doowap brioche without additive Milk chocolate nuggets - x12 - 480g


A recipe without additives with just the essentials for very soft and tasty milk chocolate chip brioches. A practical family pack that will delight the whole family, from the oldest to the youngest! Did you know ? These Doowap Harrys buns are made in France, with eggs from free-range hens, without palm oil, without additives and without colorants! To find out more about our quality commitments, visit Harrys.fr!


Ingredients: 46% WHEAT flour, water, 13.8% MILK chocolate chips (sugar, MILK powder, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, LACTOSE, sugar, 7.1% fresh EGGS, MILK reconstituted from Whole MILK powder 5.8%, rapeseed oil, WHEAT gluten, flavorings (contains alcohol, yeast, salt. May contain traces of SOYA, NUTS, SESAME SEEDS.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Store at room temperature and away from any heat source.

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