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Amber Sainte Lucie walnut kernels large bag - 50g


The walnut tree is fully mature around the age of 12 and can remain prolific for up to 100 years. The nut consists of a fleshy envelope called "husk" and a protective shell. The shell is dried and broken to extract the kernel, the color of which varies from blond to amber depending on the variety. The nuts are said to be oilseeds, that is to say that one can obtain oil from the kernels. This oil is very rich and its taste is extremely fragrant.


Ingredients: 100% WALNUT Kernels May contain traces of soy, nuts, gluten, egg and milk

Conservation tips

Information on the conservation of the product: To keep all its flavor, we advise you to store this product at room temperature, in a dry place and away from light. After opening, close the bag tightly and keep for one month.

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