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Maille Mustard The Original - 380g


The legendary Maille mustard, created to enhance flavors and delight your senses. It transports you in an instant to the heart of Burgundy, giving a whole new dimension to many dishes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. This refined and full of character alliance of finely mixed mustard seeds is ideal in a risotto or mashed potatoes. For nearly 270 years of creative tradition and know-how, Maison Maille has been driven by a passion for exploring flavors and bringing flavor to the kitchen. Founded by Antoine-Claude Maille, master vinegar maker, he opened his first condiment shop in Paris in 1747, where you can discover the richness of his flavored mustards. He then became the official supplier to the court of King Louis XV and thus rose to fame. Heirs to a creativity cultivated over nearly 3 centuries, the chefs of Maison Maille design each recipe as a work of culinary art. Their obsession: to explore, select, and combine the best ingredients to add soul to each recipe. The Maille condiment is the touch that awakens and reveals the beauty of a dish. A touch of creativity that heightens the taste, increases the pleasure and satisfies the most demanding gourmets... Maille products invite you on a journey into the world of flavors. With as passengers of choice: know-how, passion for detail, the art of nuance and refinement. For an immersive experience in the Knitwear universe, visit our stores in Paris, Dijon and Bordeaux. Discover our range of mustards: Dijon mustard, old-fashioned mustard, medium-strong mustard, mild fine mustard and our mustard specialties as well as our recipes on www.maille.com.


Ingredients: Ingredients: water, MUSTARD seeds, spirit vinegar, salt, acidifier: citric acid, preservative: potassium DISULPHITE.

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Product Storage Information: Store refrigerated after opening.

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