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Elephant Infusion Grapefruit Mandarin x20 38g


Brighten your day by savoring the fruity bitterness of grapefruit, the rounded taste of mandarin, and the refreshing notes of lemon, all enhanced by a delicate touch of lemongrass with the Pamplemousse Mandarine Citron infusion and its 20 Pyramid® Sachets. By selecting plants and fruits certified by Rainforest Alliance, Eléphant is committed to taking care of the planet and contributing every day to a better world for both humans and nature. This is our way of infusing joy and good humor. The secret to our infusion? 100% of its ingredients are of natural origin. Just for you, Eléphant has carefully selected plants and fruits to offer you this generous Fruit range. For an ideal tasting experience, let your Pyramid® tea bag infuse for 4-5 minutes in 200 ml of hot water and enjoy. The Eléphant adventure started in 1896 and continues today. Which, in an elephant's memory, adds up to quite an experience for an infusion creator... Its greatest pleasure, always, has been to excite our taste buds! Eléphant makes attentive listening to nature a real strength, which it uses to choose the best plants and fruits and concoct unique and appreciated delicious infusions. But don't be mistaken, Eléphant*, the French people's favorite brand, in its great generosity, also adds kindness, simplicity, a touch of humor, and a bit of originality. So, join the tribe and discover all the other delicious recipes in our Fruit range. *Eléphant, leader in value & volume in France — Nielsen year 2022


Ingredients: hibiscus¹, rosehip¹, apple¹, orange peel¹, lemongrass¹ 12%, natural flavor, grapefruit peel¹ 2.5%, lemon peel¹ 2%, mandarin peel¹ 2%, stevia leaf. ¹Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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Product storage information: Keep in a dry place and at room temperature.

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