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Bio Eléphant Infusion Mint Thyme - x20 tea bags


Add a touch of the south to your cup and enjoy the delightful blend of the peppery notes of mint and the delicate tones of thyme with the Bio Mint Thyme infusion and its 20 Pyramid® sachets. This infusion invites you to naturally savor a moment of simplicity. It's our way of infusing joy and good humor. The secret of our infusion? 100% of its ingredients are of natural origin. Just for you, Eléphant has carefully selected plants from organic farming to offer you this flavorful Bio range. For an ideal tasting experience, let your Pyramid® infusion sachet steep for 4-5 minutes in 200ml of hot water and enjoy. The Eléphant adventure began in 1896 and continues to this day. From an elephant's memory, that's quite a significant experience for an infusion creator... Its greatest pleasure has always been to tantalize our taste buds! Eléphant knows how to harness the power of nature to select the best plants, fruits, and spices to concoct delicious, unique infusions appreciated by all. But don't be mistaken, Eléphant*, the favorite brand of the French, in its great generosity, also adds kindness, simplicity, a touch of humor, and a dash of originality. So, join the tribe and discover all the other delicious recipes in our Bio range. *Eléphant, leader in value & volume in France — Nielsen year 2022.


Ingredients: mint¹ (50%), thyme¹ (50%). ¹Ingredients from organic farming.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Keep between 2°C and 25°C

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