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Lay's Nature - 6x28g


The honor is given to our French partner farmers who continue to perpetuate French agricultural know-how. They mainly produce quality potatoes for Lay's® in the Hauts-de-France and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions. Since 1932, our potatoes have been 100% French. Discover our authentic recipes. When Lay's® combines its unparalleled expertise since 1932 with French agricultural know-how, it creates chips with a deliciously authentic taste and crispiness. Lay's® quality is based on just 3 ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, and a pinch of salt. Our bags are also environmentally friendly, being composed of 50% plant-based materials. We have obtained ISCC certification for our mass balance approach. We support the integration of plant-based materials in our packaging by investing in certified supply chains that use renewable materials instead of fossil materials. Plant-based plastics are mixed with other plastics during the production process, following the mass balance principle. This means that we purchase an ISCC-certified quantity of plant-based materials equivalent to 50% of the packaging materials, which can also be used in other packaging units. For more information, visit https://lays.fr/nos-engagements. Discover the origin of the potatoes in your chips by scanning the QR code on the back of individual bags or by visiting lays.fr/tracabilite.


The ingredients include potatoes (66%), vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, corn in varying quantities), and salt.

Conservation tips

Indications for product storage: Best consumed before: see on the side. In order to preserve the flavor and crunchiness of the chips, keep them away from light and enjoy them within 7 days after opening.

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