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Knorr dehydrated soup 9 vegetables - 105g


Discover the delicious Pasta Soup with 9 Vegetables from Knorr ®, this recipe is cooked with vegetables - potato, carrot, white bean, onion, celeriac, leeks, tomato, green bean and turnip - from sustainable agriculture . This dehydrated soup is a real treat for the whole family! A soup prepared with vegetables from sustainable agriculture, without coloring or flavor enhancer. Thanks to the dehydration process, it is also preservative-free. Do you know what dehydration is? Contrary to popular belief, dehydration has existed since the dawn of time: it is one of the oldest methods of preserving food! A dehydrated soup is a soup consisting of dehydrated ingredients reduced to powder. The raw materials are the same as in a traditional cooking soup, but they have received special treatment to remove the water they contain. Carl Heinrich Knorr®, founder of the Knorr® brand, was one of the first to incorporate this process into the manufacture of his soups, more than 175 years ago. A comforting soup recipe ready in 5 minutes: Pour the contents of the sachet into 1?L of cold water and bring to the boil. Let simmer for 5 minutes. It's ready !! Knorr® works for a sustainable food future for you and the planet.


Ingredients: Ingredients: potato¹: 43%, carrot¹: 10%, white bean: 9.4%, onion¹: 7.4%, salt, CELERY-ROBIC¹: 4.5%, smoked bacon (pork fat, smoked ), leek¹: 3.8%, palm fat, tomato¹: 2.5%, green bean¹: 1.9%, yeast extract, glucose syrup, aroma, spice and herb (CELERY leaf, turmeric¹), proteins of MILK, turnip¹: 0.1%, antioxidant: E 320. May contain: gluten, mustard, egg, soy. ¹Ingredients from sustainable agriculture: 73%. Vegetable content: 82.6%.

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Product Storage Information: Store between 2°C and 25°C

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