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Flavor Knorr 70g


Knorr® Aromat® seasoning powder is a subtle marriage of salt, onion, spices and carefully selected herbs that will delicately enhance the taste of your dishes. An ideal condiment to accompany all your culinary preparations: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, rice or stews. Recommendations for use: for example, sprinkle Knorr® Aromat® on your roast or your fish before putting them in the oven. No need to salt! Knorr® Aromat® Seasoning is for use with: - Meat and fish - Vegetables, pasta and rice - Sauces and casseroles - Salads and raw vegetables The best possible quality is our food philosophy. Since the creation of Knorr® by Carl Heinrich Knorr in Germany in 1838, all our efforts have been aimed at creating original recipes and tasty dishes. Our story is made up of thousands of little anecdotes of passionate farmers, suppliers and chefs who try to make the world better and tastier. Everyone is involved so that all of our vegetables are grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. It's a planet-friendly approach that we're sure influences the taste and flavors of every dish you cook. Whatever your desires, Knorr® accompanies you on a daily basis.


Ingredients: Ingredients: salt, dextrose, flavor enhancers: glutamate, inosinate and sodium guanylate, corn starch, onion¹: 3.1%, yeast extract, sunflower oil, spice and herb: 0.3% (turmeric¹, garlic), natural flavor. May contain: gluten, celery, milk, mustard, egg, soy. ¹Ingredients from sustainable agriculture: 3.4%.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a dry place. Close after use.

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