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Knorr liquid soup Vegetables from the garden - 45cl


Four tasty recipes with simple ingredients of natural origin. Soups prepared without aromas, without colorings, without flavor enhancers to rediscover the good taste of vegetables, "just like at home". And of course, these recipes are rich in vegetables that are grown in the open fields on our partner farms. Knorr® was born in 1838 from a single passion: that of taste. It all starts with carefully selected ingredients. We make every effort to ensure that our vegetables are full of flavor. These ingredients are then cooked by a host of passionate chefs. Inspiration, they draw it from their experiences, from their past or from the present time, but also from the interaction with other cultures. Luigi Carola, for example, has traveled 67 countries in search of new ideas, and each of his adventures has influenced his cuisine. They pushed him to have a heart and nurture his love for cooking. Finally, at Knorr® we are convinced that a responsible use of the various agricultural resources contributes to offering you quality soups. This is why we choose vegetables from sustainable agriculture and grown in the open fields to prepare our delicious soups. To make good food, you need healthy crops, planted in rich, fertile soil, where a nature-friendly farmer is committed to nurturing them until they reach maturity.


Ingredients: Here are the ingredients in our pretty bottle: water, carrot¹ (17%, tomato¹ (13%, squash¹ (6.3%, fresh CREAM (6.1%, rice starch, onion¹ (3%, peas¹ (3%, CELERY-ROBIA¹ (2.5%, leek¹ (2.5%, courgette¹ (2%, a little sugar and a pinch of salt.¹Vegetables from sustainable agriculture.

Conservation tips

Information on the conservation of the product: Before opening, keep at agrave; ambient temperature. After opening, keep cool and consume within 48 hours.

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