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Amora Dijon Mayonnaise 5 ingredients - 400g


Discover the new Amora ® 5-ingredient Dijon Mayo: a simple and very gourmet recipe prepared in Dijon with 5 selected ingredients, a little love and that's it! Savor the creamy texture of our new mayonnaise concocted with 100% French eggs from free-range hens, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, rapeseed oil and a touch of salt. And that's all ! This mayonnaise is prepared without added sugars and without colorings. A recipe without fuss, perfect to be shared with the family! This new range of Amora® mayonnaise is made from 100% French eggs from free-range hens and with rapeseed oil, rich in Omega 3. A gourmet mayonnaise recipe that will accompany you on your picnics and will enhance your sandwiches, deviled eggs, skewers and salads. Because it is important for us to limit our environmental impact, our bottle becomes transparent to be 100% recyclable! Help us reduce plastic waste by recycling it. At Amora®, we consider it important to take care of animal welfare, and thus we guarantee the quality "free-range eggs". The eggs for these recipes come from around 80 farms, which are small family farms located in different regions of France, including Pays de la Loire, Deux-Sèvres, Brittany and Normandy. Present in the hearts of the French since 1919, Amora is recognized and appreciated for its know-how and the quality of its products. The brand seduces every year with recipes full of taste, simple and original. Make easy and gourmet recipes and reinvent your dishes by always giving them more flavor with Amora. On the edge of the plate, in your sandwiches, or hot, Amora products will season all your dishes and enhance the flavors of your cuisine. Discover the pleasure of sharing delicious


Ingredients: The 5 ingredients of our recipe are: Rapeseed oil 75% Our Dijon mustard 8.8% (water, MUSTARD seeds, alcohol vinegar, salt) Our white wine vinegar 6% Yellow EGG from free-range hens from France 5.5% A touch of salt 0.6%

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