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Amora green croq pickles 540g


Wake up your taste buds with Croq'vert Amora pickles! Carefully selected and deliciously crunchy, Amora pickles very subtly combine 6 spices and herbs. Share the best: hand-picked and carefully selected fine pickles for an irresistible crunch. Bring a touch of crunch and freshness to your raclettes, summer salads or charcuterie platters with Amora pickles. The Amora pickle is the essential condiment for your salads. Discover the full variety of Amora pickles: mini, fine or extra-fine according to your desires. Because it is important for us to limit our environmental impact, our 540 g glass jar is 100% recyclable! Help us reduce waste by recycling it. Present in the hearts of the French since 1919, Amora is recognized and appreciated for its know-how and the quality of its products. The brand seduces each year with authentic, tasteful and original novelties. At Amora, we are aware of the impact of our activity on the environment and, as a major player in the food market, we are committed on several levels to act and produce in a sustainable way. Make easy and gourmet recipes and reinvent your dishes by always giving them more flavor with Amora. On the edge of the plate, in your sandwiches, or hot, Amora products will season all your dishes and enhance the flavors of your cuisine. Discover the pleasure of sharing delicious meals with family or friends. Find all Amora products and recipe ideas on www.amora.fr. You will delight adults and children alike, for the pleasure of all taste buds!


Ingredients: Ingredients: pickles (including SULPHITES), alcohol vinegar, onion 8%, white wine vinegar, salt, spices 1.9% (MUSTARD seeds, rehydrated red pepper, coriander seeds, allspice, pepper black), natural tarragon flavor with other natural flavors.

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Product Storage Information: Store refrigerated after opening.

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