Maxi night towels Vania x12


Quickly absorbs up to 4x more than necessary* Vania® Maxi Night pads offer you optimal protection! Thanks to ultra-absorbent technology and a high-performance adhesive, Vania® Maxi Night towels quickly absorb up to 4 times more than necessary* and stay perfectly in place. Ultra soft, Vania® Maxi Night towels have a dermatologically tested micro-ventilated veil for optimal comfort at night. Special night length Veil dermatologically tested Fast absorption Ultra soft *Based on the absorbency performance of the pads and on the average menstrual flow data, assuming that the pads are changed regularly. Every woman is unique and your period can change every month. Vania® helps you choose the pad best suited to your needs: Normal flow Maxi Normal - Absorption: 2/6 Normal flow Maxi Normal+ - Absorption: 3/6 Abundant flow Maxi Super - Absorption: 4/6 Abundant flow Maxi Super+ - Absorption: 5/6 Maxi Nuit night flow - Absorption: 6/6 Maxi Nuit+ night flow - Absorption: 6/6 Maxi Confort Super towels are also available in Fresh & Aloe Vera version


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