Kotydia Fresh Vania normal comfort panty liners - x56


Comfort Vania® 100% breathable & incredibly comfortable lingerie liners Lightly scented Absorbent core composed of cellulosic fibers of vegetable origin and ultra-absorbent micro beads Soft veil with cotton extract, in contact with the skin, dermatologically tested Lower and middle layer in polymers, 100% breathable Our engagements All these layers are made of components selected for their high level of tolerance for the skin. Fibers not bleached with elemental chlorine. Optimal hold Perfect fit Fresh feeling The Lingerie Protector: your freshness gesture Vania® Kotydia® lingerie protectors accompany you throughout your cycle. You can wear your Vania® Kotydia® lingerie protectors as daily protection or during your cycle (at the start and end of your period, or in addition to a tampon)


Ingredients: Dermatologically tested soft veil made of synthetic fibers (polypropylene) and cotton extract, a distribution layer of synthetic fibers (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester) to transfer the liquid, an absorbent core made of cellulosic fibers of vegetable origin , synthetic fibers (polyethylene, polyester, and super absorbent polymers, a lower layer of synthetic fibers (polypropylene) that protects the underwear, a paper strip that protects the adhesive strip (silicone-coated paper).

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Best used within 2 years of production date. Please refer to the production date on the box.

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