Signal Ultra Access Soft Toothbrush - Pack of 2


Thanks to its long neck, this toothbrush precisely reaches the back teeth, where 85% of cavities form. Its head, with different bristle heights, ensures impeccable cleaning, even in interdental spaces. Use twice daily for 15% extra anti-plaque efficiency on back teeth.* Design by: Pininfarina. Hardness: Soft Signal has been supporting the French since 1961 and is committed to promoting good oral hygiene practices from an early age. Good habits must be adopted by everyone, which is why Signal emphasizes the importance of brushing twice a day, morning and evening. Additionally, the brand closely collaborates with numerous experts and is a partner of the National College of University Dental Public Health Surgeons. Signal has also partnered with UNICEF to ensure that children in Mozambique have access to clean water and therefore to hygiene in schools. Finally, the brand has been closely collaborating with numerous experts and has been a partner since 2009 with the National College of University Dental Public Health Surgeons. Tips for good oral hygiene: brush your teeth after every meal, change your Signal toothbrush every 2 to 3 months, and visit your dentist at least twice a year. Also, remember to turn off the water while brushing. * Clinical study conducted on 85 people, compared to another anti-plaque toothbrush.

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