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Bio Elephant Ginger Lemon Infusion - 20 Sachets


Discover the 20 Mon Infusion Bio Ginger Lemon Elephant sachets, a blend of plants to infuse and accompany you throughout the day. The secret of our infusion? 100% of its ingredients are of natural origin. Just for you, Elephant has selected plants from organic farming, full of flavor, to offer you this Mon Infusion Bio range with a natural and delicious taste. For a perfect tasting, let your infusion sachet steep for 5 minutes in 200 ml of hot water and enjoy. Elephant, a brand of infusions born in Provence in 1896, has established itself as a symbol of indulgence and quality. In 2016, the brand celebrated its 120th anniversary. That much experience doesn’t lie! Elephant is behind the first flavored infusions in France, thus reinventing hot water for everyone's pleasure. A recognized expert in plants, the brand combines all the flavors of plants with the sweetness of fruits to offer you a delicious moment of relaxation. A gourmet and friendly brand, Elephant is the favorite infusion brand of the French*. The famous design teapot, funny and characteristic of the brand (in the shape of a little elephant), has become iconic. From a simple promotional item, it has become over the years a true icon of the brand. Discover all the other delicious recipes from our Elephant Infusions Bio range. *Elephant, leader in value & volume in France — Nielsen CAM P3 2022


Ingredients: lemongrass¹, ginger¹ (25%), mint¹ (20%), lemon peel¹ (10%), orange peel¹. ¹Ingredients from organic farming.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Keep in a dry place and at room temperature.

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