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Elephant Cold Infusion Well-being Relax - x15 - 34g


With the 15 Pyramid® Sachets of Eléphant Cold Infusion Relax, naturally flavor your water and treat yourself to a delicious and refreshing moment of well-being! With this Relax cold infusion, stay zen and savor the gourmet notes of apple, blended with the delicate and floral taste of jasmine and the more lemony flavor of verbena leaf, known for its soothing properties. By selecting 100% natural ingredients that release all their flavors even in cold water, Eléphant invites you to enjoy a fruity burst of freshness at any time of the day. It's our way of infusing joy and good humor. The Eléphant Cold Infusion recipes consist solely of plants, fruits, and natural flavors. They are sugar-free, calorie-free, and caffeine-free. Eléphant has selected the best of plants for you. For an ideal tasting, let the Pyramid® infusion sachet steep for 5 minutes in 500ml of cold water, shake, and enjoy! Because we love our planet, no more small plastic films. As for our boxes, they are recyclable and made from sustainably managed forest cardboard. The inner packaging is made from home compostable wood pulp. And our sachets? To please everyone, they are plant-based and without individual wrappers. The Eléphant adventure began in 1896 and continues to this day. Which, by elephant memory, is quite an experience for an infusion creator... Its greatest pleasure, always, is to excite our taste buds! Eléphant makes listening to nature a true strength, using it to choose the best plants and fruits and concoct delicious and unique infusions appreciated by all. But make no mistake, Eléphant*, the favorite brand of the French, in its great generosity, also adds kindness, simplicity, a touch of humor, and a bit of originality. So, join the tribe and discover all the


Ingredients: Verbena (Aloysia citriodora) 39%, natural flavor, apple 17%, rooibos, white hibiscus, jasmine 2%.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Consume within 6 months after opening. Reseal the inner bag after each use to maintain freshness.

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